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Cygnet’s consistent over the past decade has resulted in the need for a new facility to better service our customer and handle the operational needs for improvements. Here are some of the featured points of the new facility:

  • Outfitted with the most State-of-the-art, fully automated technology to continue to provide the quality cleaning our customers expect from Cygnet
  • Incorporated new machining into our process that will specifically target intricate parts of the container
  • Advanced machining distinctively designed for the valves and agitator stations
  • Sophisticated laboratory and testing equipment for container sampling
  • Increased warehouse space to assist our customers with storing overflow and transitional tanks
  • Several additional loading docks which offer both inside and outside bays for a seamless loading and offloading process
  • A Drivers’ Lounge in the Shipping area which provides our drivers with coffee and a wireless connection
  • Increased process timing to allow an even faster turn-around time for our wash cycles = 130 totes per shift
  • New streamlined processes for cleaning both industrial and ISO containers

Cygnet Automated Tote Cleaning plant is now opened.
Located at 9120 General Drive, Plymouth MI.

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