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Tank Cleaning

Cygnet, The IBC Resource, is a certified IBC cleaning and fleet management business.  We clean, restore and provide re-certification for containers used to transport every type of liquid chemical.  Cygnet adheres to the strict cleaning specifications of our customers, as well as maintaining compliance with DOT, OSHA and EPA Regulations. Cygnet is truly the leader in safety among other cleaning services, because it is the only one that provides customers with a fully automated cleaning system.

Approved NSF Logo1Cygnet has also achieved an ISO 9001:2015 Certification.   This certification recognizes that Cygnet has achieved a high level of discipline in effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects of the company’s operations and services.

Our customer base compliments our quality procedures by inviting their customers BMW, General Motors and other automotive manufacturers to perform quality audits at Cygnet. As quoted by General Motors, “Cygnet is the best cleaning facility in the country”.

ibc-tote-washing-michigan (1)
Tote Before To AfterTote After Cleaning

Cygnet’s cleaning process begins by identifying each container with all pertinent information that our customers would like us to track or statistically chart. Once entered into our database, Cygnet will be able to provide our customers with continual updates regarding DOT & UN31A regulations to ensure compliance on each container. Once the container is placed on our automated line, all valves and components are removed, disassembled and cleaned. Once the container comes out of the fully automated cleaning system, all components are reinstalled. The container then receives a rinse of filtered deionized water and dried. The container now receives a final rinse in solvent to obtain a sample for quality testing.

Cygnet requires each container to be free of all debris and particles. Each container must pass a particle count, which is performed after the final rinse. Residue from the final rinse is placed under a microscope to ensure each container meets Cygnet’s quality and cleanliness standards. All tanks are then pressure checked to ensure there are no leaks in the container.

Cygnet IBC Final Internal Rinse and Pressure Test

Each tank is rinsed, pressure tested, and a sample of the final rinse particles are collected.

Cygnet Individual Tank Partical Inspection Sample Holding

Final rinse particle matter is collected and placed on file for record keeping.

Cygnet Tote Washing Particle Post Clean Sample Inspection

Samples of the particles that are collected are then reviewed under a microscope to confirm that they pass quality standards.

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